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What are your company’s TRUE differentiators?  

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What are your company’s TRUE differentiators?  

When companies speak about what sets their business apart, they tend to say similar things. 

When recruiting a new hire, your company may talk about 

  • your unique culture 
  • your people 
  • your process 

These are all great selling points, but they are also intangibles, so they’re hard for a candidate to understand or measure in a decision making process. We’ve watched literally thousands of candidates make career decisions over the years, and the truth is that in the end, none of these things make a significant difference in their decision.  

What makes your company stand out to top candidates? 

Look for objective, quantifiable reasons someone would want to work for you. To attract the best possible candidates, highlight things like: 

  • Average employee tenure
  • Number of promotions on an annual basis 
  • Year-over-year growth 
  • Expansion plans that have made your company better in the last few years  

For The Bridger Group, we might say that we have: 

  • Tripled in size and in revenue in the last five years
  • Doubled our floor space 
  • Become one of the largest organizations specifically working in the building products industry 
  • Made over 300 placements specifically in the industry last year

These are tangible numbers and results that show candidates exactly the kind of company you are and why they might want to work for you. 

If you’re looking to hire your next top candidate and want insight from experts on how best to woo them, contact us today. We’d love to help!

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