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Interview like you actually want the job

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Interview like you actually want the job

Preparing for an interview can include a lot of preparation, but the most important overall objective is always this: interview like you actually want the job. There are 4 key ways we’ve seen candidates do this with great success. 

Ask good questions 

During the interview process, it’s important to ascertain whether or not a company is the best fit for you long term. Doing your research ahead of time and coming to the interview with great questions not only shows your interest in the company and the position, but also provides the knowledge you need to make a decision that’s right for you. Asking for next steps and closing your interview well also helps you put yourself in the best possible position to ensure you have options available to you during your job hunt. 

Don’t play hard to get  

Playing hard to get or downplaying your interest in a company to heighten their interest in you only comes off as apathetic and disinterested, and it actually works against you in the interview process. We always advise candidates to ensure they have the option to say no. And you can only do that by interviewing like you want the job. Just like any relationship, you want to be with someone who wants to be with you. If a company senses your disinterest, they’ll move on to the next candidate. If they believe you really want to work with them, and you tell them the salary you need to make that happen, it invigorates them to go back to their boss to get a higher budget because they know you want to say yes. 

Know your numbers  

Be able to quantify your accomplishments during your interview. If you’re in operations, you can talk about things like number of direct reports and average efficiency savings year over year. Also, be ready to articulate your value and what you’ve done successfully in your role. If you’re in sales, know where you rank on your team and be able to provide sales numbers for when you started and where you’re at currently. Knowing your numbers shows you not only care about the interview, but also about your success in the work you do. 

Follow up

This one is so simple, yet so easily overlooked by candidates. After your interview, send a follow up thank you note, whether it’s via email or handwritten and mailed the old-fashioned way. A bit of appreciation always goes a long way, and this simple touch takes only a few minutes of your time but leaves a lasting impression.


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