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To interview or not to interview?

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To interview or not to interview?
3 reasons to take that next interview. 

You’re happy with your current job, but recently learned of a new position that sounds like it could be a great fit.

You’d love to grow your career, but you wonder if it’s a good time to leap because you fear it could mean you’re the first to lose your job if times get tough. 

If a potential opportunity for a career move has recently presented itself and you’re torn between whether or not to interview, the best advice we can offer is this: 

Conversations are always free. One might even change your life for the better. 

At The Bridger Group, we always encourage potential hires to not be afraid to step into possibility when it comes to their next career move. Even if you decide not to move forward, you can learn a lot from the experience. 

  1. Gain competitive insight. SImply going through the interview process can allow you to glean insight into what your competitors are doing. They are likely to pull back the curtain to reveal what they are doing from a strategic standpoint, and regardless of whether you decide to take the job, this is a smart move on your part. This experience alone could offer an opportunity for you to learn about new approaches and ideas that you might not have thought to implement otherwise. 
  1. Discover your true value in the market. If you’ve been in your position for a while, your compensation package might no longer match your current value in this tight labor market. Going through an interview process can show you what your true market value is, and oftentimes you’ll find you could be making 10 to 20 percent more. For this reason alone, it might be time to find out what you’re worth and evaluate whether or not your current compensation reflects that. 
  1. You might love it! The bottom line is that it’s always smart to at least know what you’re saying no to. We always connect our candidates with key management so they know what they’re being offered. A simple 30-minute conversation can ensure you’ll never wonder if you passed up on a perfect opportunity. At worst, you lose 30 minutes in your week, but at best, you gain an opportunity that pays off immeasurably. 

Learn more about available opportunities on our candidates page.

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