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3 reasons recruiting the best candidate is still about building great relationships

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3 reasons recruiting the best candidate is still about building great relationships 

Even in the age of AI, when it comes to recruiting top talent, RELATIONSHIP IS STILL KEY. 

We witness this every. single. day. 

Companies that are out there actively stepping up their efforts to build relationships with candidates are the ones wooing the best of them. 

They’re the ones snagging the kind of talent you dream of having on your team. 

They’re the ones helping a great candidate feel confident about a potential leap, even if they’re unsure about the economy or feeling trepidation about the future. 

If you’re not already focusing on relationship building in your recruiting process, here’s how you can start …. 

1- You have to sell your organization as much as each candidate is selling themself to you. Candidates are still in high demand out there, and they’re becoming pickier about who they work for. Bottom line: you have to work harder to get the great ones. 

2- You need a strong story to tell. Companies with compelling stories and seamless communication make a candidate feel like you’re courting them—which leads to a higher chance of landing them on your team. See our recent blog post about nailing your company’s differentiators for extra help here. 

3- Interview them “in”—not “out.” Gone is the old school thinking that you must interview candidates in order to disqualify them. Instead, talk to them about how they can be an asset to your team, how excited you are about the ways they might help your organization, or how your company can assist them in meeting the goals and benchmarks they dream of for their career. 

In this interview, Indeed talked with Ginger Hardage, former SVP of culture at Southwest Airlines, about building a company culture of strong relationships. 

Hardage told a story about the cofounder and CEO of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher, saying the business of business is people. She went on to explain that good business is “not putting your needs first; it’s putting their needs first,” and that starts a really great relationship.

We agree. The more a candidate feels you’re invested in them and their goals, the more likely they are to leap when a great opportunity (like your company) comes their way. 

 Want to talk to a recruiter about ways to build relationships that lead to snagging top talent? 

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