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Scott Mantz

Senior Associate

Residential and Commercial Building Envelope

Scott has been a leader in the sales industry his entire life, with a focus in recruiting for nearly a decade. He loves the ever-changing landscape of recruiting along with the hustle and bustle that the sales industry brings to the table. Given his outgoing personality and charisma, Scott finds himself in his comfort zone on the phones connecting with both clients and candidates alike. When he is not hard at work in the office, he is working hard to keep up with his three boys, two dogs and wonderful wife Kayla.

With The Bridger Group since: March 2021

Product(s) specialty: Residential and Commercial Building Envelope

Favorite Starbucks order: Iced White Chocolate Mocha

When I was a kid, my dream job was: Garbage Man

Hidden talent: I can drive like Dale Earnhardt Jr.

My favorite part of recruiting is: Changing peoples lives one call at a time.

What inspires me: My family inspires me to be better everyday.

Most common phrase I say in the office: Tell me more.

Favorite sports team:  The New York Football Giants

What I do when I’m not at work: I enjoy spending time with my wife, children and dogs. Inside or outside, bowling, hunting or just watching movies it doesn’t matter, only that they are with me.