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Julie Huffman

Key Account Manager

Masonry, Insulation, Lumber, Residential Building Envelope

Julie is a Hope College graduate who’s passionate about helping people in any shape or form. Out of the office, you'll find her going out to dinner with her friends and family, visiting her hometown in Northern Michigan, or tuning into whatever big game is on with her fiancé.

With The Bridger Group since: December 2022

Product(s) specialty: Masonry, Insulation, Lumber, Residential Building Envelope

Favorite Starbucks order: Grande iced latte with almond milk

When I was a kid, my dream job was: Professional athlete

Hidden talent: Dog/cat whisperer!!

My favorite part of recruiting is: Helping people make career changes that can enhance their well-being and livelihood

What inspires me: The people who are closest to me! They’re my WHY.

Most common phrase I say in the office: “Thanks for bearing with me!”

Favorite sports team: Michigan State basketball

What I do when I’m not at work: I listen to a lot of music and true-crime podcasts (according to my Spotify Wrapped). I try to get my exercise/steps in for the day, and I’m currently working on becoming at least half the cook that my Mom is!