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Danielle (Dani) Szep, MHA

Training and HR Manager

Danielle “Dani” joins our team with a background in healthcare and a passion to serve others. Her love of connecting with and learning more about what motivates and drives others makes her career in recruiting a no-brainer. Outside of work Danielle is a self-proclaimed “good-timer” and enjoys all things from live music and tailgating to playing chess and sci-fi/fantasy movies. She enjoys giving back to the softball community by coaching, as well as spending time with her friends and family (husband, son, and dog Chewy).

With The Bridger Group since: September 2022

Favorite Starbucks order: Grande hot chai latte with skim milk 

When I was a kid, my dream job was: Voice over actress for animated movies

Hidden talent: Juggling - mom and dad always told me I had a promising career in the circus if the real world didn’t work out 

My favorite part of recruiting is: Playing matchmaker between clients and candidates and helping candidates realize their dream jobs are a lot closer than they think

What inspires me: Being surrounded by hard working people who are passionate about what they do, as well as my family 

Most common phrase I say in the office: Last name is Szep, S as in Sam, Z as in zebra, E as in elephant, and P as in Paul.

Favorite sports team: Any underdog team in any sport, maybe they can hear me cheering and it will inspire them to win? 

What I do when I’m not at work: You’ll probably find me on the softball field coaching or giving lessons, with my family (husband and new son) and friends or recharging on the couch lost on the internet.