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Bryan Beaudry

Senior Associate


Bryan comes from a background in Criminal Justice and Manufacturing where he learned how to work with people, building strong relationships and helping people develop their professional goals. With his diverse background, Bryan used his experiences to learn that he works best talking with people and has found a place where those skills will flourish. When Bryan isn’t in the office, he spends his time on the lake, golfing, and enjoying the outdoors with his wife.

With The Bridger Group since: November 2021

Product(s) specialty: HVAC/Mechanical

Favorite Starbucks order: Large Coffee, 2 sugars. Truthfully, anything with immense amounts of caffeine

When I was a kid, my dream job was: Police Officer

Hidden talent: I can hit a golf ball far

My favorite part of recruiting is: Impacting people and businesses in positive ways

What inspires me: My wife's hard work

Most common phrase I say in the office: Fair Enough

Favorite sports team: The team. The team. The team. Go Blue!

What I do when I’m not at work: Spend time with my wife and friends, boating, and golfing