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Why the promise of a year-end bonus isn’t a reason to stay

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As potential candidates move into the end of the year, we have a simple piece of advice: 

Don’t let the promise of an EOY bonus shackle you to a job you don’t love. 

Companies offer bonuses to help with retention and to reward employees for hard work. And because employees know a stack of cash is coming, they often think taking a new job before January isn’t smart. 

Aren’t you leaving money on the table if you do? 

Here are 3 reasons to consider a great job opportunity in the 4th quarter anyway: 

1- Think of what you might gain—instead of lose. If you snag an offer from a company with a better compensation package or benefits or a culture you love, consider what you might gain in the next 6 months. The benefits will likely outweigh the costs of leaving in the long-term. 

2- Will this opportunity be available in 5 months? Sometimes we have to leap when the opportunity presents itself. We don’t always get to choose the timing for great career moves. (See also Number 1.) Recent numbers from the U.S. economy show 336,000 jobs added in September 2023—more than twice the number expected—so the labor market is robust and it’s a great time to capitalize on that. 

3- Is everything always about the money? If your bottom line for decision making is simply the security of the numbers you know you have—not about potential career growth, culture fit, working with a great team, or higher compensation—that’s good information to have. If security is more important than opportunity for you, stay where you are. If you’re looking for an opportunity that might change your career and your life, consider making that move. 

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