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The 1 thing more important than goals in 2024

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The 1 thing more important than goals in 2024

There are 3 things we generally know about salespeople: 

  1. They’re goal-oriented
  2. They thrive on meeting expectations
  3. AND they love to be rewarded

So as your company moves into Q1 and you’re looking for ways to motivate your team to get after their goals, there’s one question every leader should be asking first: 

How am I planning to reward the people who work hard and meet (or exceed) their goals this year?

This question is important because if you’re focused solely on meeting goals, you’re missing a crucial aspect of leadership—understanding and celebrating the people who make meeting goals a reality. 

Goals are great. Celebrations are better. 

Salespeople like to win. AND they like to be rewarded for their wins. Here’s an example of how to do this: 

In 2023, our company had its best year (by 20%) in our 56-year history. That’s something to celebrate. 

How did we reward our team? 

An entire day in NYC. 

Yep, we flew 30+ employees to NYC FOR A DAY. 

We saw the Empire State Building. Central Park. Rockefeller Center. The Met. Times Square. We gave them spending money. We saw and did it all (photographic evidence here). 

1 takeaway, 1 piece of advice.

1- Goals are great. Celebrations are better. I expect a lot from my team. It’s a privilege to do this job every day, and I never take that lightly. Setting goals keeps us on track. But there’s one thing even better than meeting goals: Celebrating the people who help make them a reality.

2- The earlier you share your planned celebration with your team, the better. We started letting our team know 6 months into the year that we were planning a bonus trip for those who met or exceeded their goals. This gave them something to look forward to and be excited about for the rest of the year. 

And they definitely loved partaking in the reward. 

How about your company? Are you planning a way to celebrate team members who meet their goals this year? 


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