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Candidates, You're Still in High Demand!

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Candidates, You’re Still in High Demand! 

We all are hearing some of the doom and gloom out there. Inflation, interest rates, pundits and experts speculating about when the next recession will begin. 

At The Bridger Group, we partner with some of the largest manufacturers in every vertical—both residential and commercial—and right now, all signs are pointing to them continuing to move full speed ahead with their 2023 plans to expand and grow their team. 

So if you’re an employee who’s not happy in your current position or you’re looking for a new opportunity, now is a great time to reach out to one of our recruiters. 

We’re in the trenches every day. We see the trends. We’re talking to employers and employees. We have an ear on the ground, and we’re always gathering insights to share. Here is what we know: 

1- Companies are still hiring. They are expecting a good year of sales, so although there is some doom and gloom out there, the storm is not here, and manufacturers are still looking to build their teams and grow their businesses. 

2- It remains a candidate-driven market. The job market is still hot, and you can absolutely expect to find your next great career move in 2023. Becoming clear on what you’re looking for and keeping your eyes peeled for opportunity can lead to you snagging that raise, title or additional experience you desire.  

3- Be ready for the opportunity. Always be prepared for your next step. Keep your resume up-to-date, know your sales numbers and stay knowledgeable of industry trends. This simple strategy will help ensure that when the kind of opening you’ve been waiting for arrives, you’re ready. 

If you’re ready for your next career move, reach out to us today!

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