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4 reasons a Product Manager will help grow your business

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4 reasons a Product Manager will help grow your business

From 2021 to 2022, The Bridger Group saw a 225% increase in hiring for Product Manager positions. “This increase was astounding,” says Jordan Underwood, managing partner. “And the trend has only continued into 2023.”

While 65% of the roles The Bridger Group currently fills are sales-related, product managers account for our second largest number of placements. 

Businesses have enjoyed tremendous margins over the last few years, and they are investing their returns in this particular role. The role of Product Manager impacts engineering, R&D, and company efficiencies. As a result, companies focused on growth are hiring product managers. 

Product managers are focused on efficiency and optimization, so they can help your building materials or commercial/residential interior products company by:  

  1. Managing the overall product development process and ensuring all stakeholders are on board with development goals.
  1. Working closely with research and development teams to find ways to improve existing products, create new products and make sure they’re up-to-date with industry trends.
  1. Helping to optimize production cycles to cut costs and increase profits.
  1. Providing valuable insights on customer demand for certain products and helping determine what new products should be created or discontinued.

All of these services are invaluable in the building materials and commercial/residential interior products industry.  

Product managers can offer tremendous value over the long term, and companies are making investments in this role to help drive growth. We believe the demand for this role will continue as companies look for ways to stay competitive and grow their business. 

With the right support, a Product Manager can become an invaluable member of any building materials and commercial/residential interior products team. 

Thinking of adding a Product Manager to your team? 

We have a lot of experience finding top talent for this often difficult-to-fill role. Contact us today to get started!  

Learn more about this fast growing role by downloading our 2023 Industry Salary Guide.

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