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2024 Salary Guide Preview

Hiring Trends

The Bridger Group’s 2024 Salary Guide for the building materials and commercial/residential interior products industry is out!

Get the latest salary numbers as well as insights into the role the economy could play in our industry this year. We’re also sharing tips on designing a compensation package that successfully attracts and retains top talent. And learn about the hottest role in the industry right now—with a whopping 200% increase in hiring! 

Put your company in the driver’s seat with insider knowledge 

*Position your company to never again lose top talent to competitors by offering outdated wages.
*Be on the forefront of hiring trends and discover the hottest role in the industry right now.
*Get actionable insights into the benefits that matter most to candidates.

Download our new compensation guide and get the latest market knowledge designed to help you attract the best and brightest. 

You’ll get insights like:  

*The #1 question that clients—and candidates—are asking 
*The role we saw a 200% increase in over the last year 
*3 benefits that matter most
to top-tier candidates
*A detailed salary guide
for a range of positions, including sales, operations, engineering, finance, marketing and product management

Get your FREE compensation guide today!

If you’d like to talk about what it looks like for your company to hire sooner rather than later, please reach out. 

About The Bridger Group 

The Bridger Group is the premier recruitment agency specializing in the building materials and commercial/residential interior products industry. We take pride in our exceptional track record of delivering excellent results by understanding the unique needs of both clients and candidates.

Our industry expertise and focus are second to none, which is why companies have chosen to partner with us over the last 56 years. But what keeps them coming back is our dedication to delivering on every search. Our placement process is designed to fast-track highly qualified candidates, with an average of just 10 business days from start to introduction.

With placement statistics that are 25% higher than the industry average, we’re confident in our ability to find top talent that will make a difference. Our candidates have a 93% retention rate after one year of employment and 98% after two years. For companies looking to build their revenue and market share, partnering with us means keeping their top talent for the long haul.

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